Slack Brings The Biggest Feature Of Recent Years: Not Finding What You’re Looking For Becomes History!

Slack, the backbone of the business world, announced the biggest and most important feature of recent years. With the new ‘Canvas’ feature, the business environment will be much more tidy and will have many new opportunities.

The largest communication tool in the business world. slacktoday its greatest feature in recent years. announced. With the new feature coming to the platform, users will be able to edit documents directly within Slack and add various resources directly to these documents.

The new feature of Slack actually came with the acquisition of the parent company Salesforce years ago. Salesforce for $750 million in 2016QuipHe bought the company. But this company lagged behind in spreading its products. Slack, which it bought for $ 28 billion in 2020, became the largest place to use Quip. Well, added to Slack thanks to Quip ‘Canvas’ feature What does it offer?

New Canvas feature coming to Slack:

Slack Brings The Biggest Feature Of Recent Years Not Finding

  • An example use of Canvas: A ‘Welcome!’ By creating a document, channels to be joined, people to be reached and much more will be listed.

Slack users will have a much more productive and accessible work environment thanks to the new ‘Canvas’ feature. Users can access documents created with Canvas. simultaneously You can add text and images. However, when links from platforms such as YouTube and Twitter are pasted into the document, the content in this link will be shown directly to users.

Canvas will actually be a logically small website within Slack. In addition to the features available in Slack, users can access each created Canvas document. tools developed by third parties in they can use.

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  • With a single click, managers will be able to make requests such as business phone, computer or software. Of course, these communication options can be customized in every conceivable way and for every purpose.

The most important usage area that makes Canvas stand out is especially keynotes and resources easy to find in one place will be. These documents can also be used as a transcript. Thus, ‘not being able to find what you’re looking for’, one of Slack’s biggest problems, will partly become history with Canvas.

Each channel in Slack will automatically have a Canvas document. However, users will also be able to create their own Canvas tables.


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