Slack Raises ‘Pro’ Price: New Features Introduced For Free Users, Too


Corporate communication application Slack announced that it has increased its Pro plan prices. According to the company’s statements, customers will pay more per employee from now on. In addition, some innovations are waiting for free version users.

It is one of the software actively used for remote working and internal communication. slackmade a statement that concerns all its customers. In the statements made by the company, monthly subscriptions will be paid in the next period. increased prices expressed. In addition, some changes were made regarding the free usage plan of the software.

According to the new decision taken by Slack, customers who use Pro package, regardless of monthly or yearly, can now per employee they will pay more. The price increase will apply to all Slack customers worldwide. Well, the new subscription fee of Slack’s Pro package is to the employer. what kind of load will it take?

Here is Slack’s new rate plan:


  • Customers paying monthly: Per employee $8.75 will pay. (Previously it was $8.)
  • Annual paying customers: Per employee $7.25 will pay. (Previously it was $6.67.)

Businesses that use Slack for free, without a subscription, can decide how and how long their messages are saved. has changed they will see. So much so that the free version of Slack at the current position was showing up to 5GB of data or the last 10,000 messages. However, this situation has changed as of now. In the new period, it will not matter how many messages are sent. Whether you send 1,000 or 100,000 messages, the free version of Slack 90-day time limit will be. Larger companies using the “Business+” subscription package will not be affected by the hike.


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According to the statements made by Slack, the company has been around since its founding in 2014. first price increase went his way. The company did not explain why the prices were hiked, but the rising inflation all over the world is likely to be the reason. new era September 1, 2022 The officials stated that the current customers will be able to renew their subscription before September 1 in order not to be affected by the price increase.

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