Someone Said It’s Dead: Windows 98 Is Back With An Update After 20 Years

Someone said he died, tell them the king is back. According to a report we received, Windows 98 still lives in space because it received an update 20 years later. Let’s move on to the content before you get more confused.

Windows 98, which is not as legendary as Windows XP but a revolutionary for the Windows operating system, has not received updates for over 20 years because why would it? It was not used anywhere. Is not it?

Not. Windows 98 is still used in space missions that were shipped years ago. In fact, the European Space Agency’s robot, which was sent to search for water on Mars 19 years ago, for the Windows 98 operating system after 19 years. got a new update.

Windows 98 got a new update not on earth but in outer space

Someone Said Its Dead Windows 98 Is Back With An

The European Space Agency says the incoming Windows 98 update will allow the spacecraft to study Mars and its moon Phobos at more detailed levels. told. As part of the Mars Express mission, the Mars Advanced Underground and Ionospheric Sounding (MARSIS) instrument, which goes to Mars, uses its 40-meter-long antenna to transmit low-frequency radio waves to the planet. sending.

Most of these waves are reflected from the planet’s surface, but significant amounts pass through the crust and between different layers of matter below the surface, including ice, soil, rock and water. reflected in borders.


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By studying the reflected signals, scientists can map the structure beneath the Martian surface to a depth of several kilometers and examine features such as the thickness and composition of polar ice caps and the properties of volcanic and sedimentary rock layers.

The space agency didn’t go into much detail about the specs of the hardware that received the update, but it’s likely on the device. Pentium 90 processor, so you could potentially run classic games like Doom on that spacecraft. Besides discovering the secrets of Mars, of course. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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