Source Codes of Intel Alder Lake Processors Leaked: Are Computers with 12th Gen Intel Processors in Danger?

The source codes of the Alder Lake series, Intel’s 12th generation processors, have been leaked. This can cause serious problems for the processor giant and users.

12th generation Intel processors the one which… by Alder Lake Various source codes have surfaced on the Internet. Inside this 2.9 GB file BIOS It is alleged that sensitive information such as data It is not yet known exactly what the contents of the file shared on GitHub are.

Seems like BIOS or Alder Lake-S The information about the chipsets of the processors makes up the bulk of the file. If this leak is real, many secrets that Intel engineers would probably want to keep to themselves have also been revealed. For now, there is no information about a data leak in the file. However Trusted Platform Module If the source codes of such a structure have emerged, a much more serious problem may occur.

It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last

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Actually NVIDIA, AMD and Gigabyte We’ve seen companies like hackers recently become the target of hackers. at NVIDIA in early 2022 came to the fore with a similar leak news. In this leak, the source codes, documents and model names that the brand will use in the future have emerged. In the last incident, it is not known whether the source of the leak is Intel or another OEM manufacturer.

Does leaking source codes pose a threat to users?

The possibility that the source codes were ‘partially’ leaked from a 3rd party source instead of Intel’s database directly brings the possibility that the size of the danger is smaller than expected. However, if the source codes of the Alder Lake processors were indeed leaked from Intel, then the security vulnerabilities in the processors could fall into the hands of hackers directly. Therefore, Alder Lake users, new ransomware attack or similar attacks.

There is no explanation from Intel for now. These contents will also be updated when a clarification comes in.

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