Spotify Prices May Discount: "Billing by User Preference" Term Officially Started!

Spotify, in line with a cooperation with Google, started to allow users to pay outside of the Google Play Store. The new system, called “billing by user preference”, will reduce the commission Spotify pays to Google.

US-based technology giant Google and online music and podcast platform Spotify, March 2022He announced a collaboration in . Within the scope of this cooperation, users can make Spotify Premium payments from within the application to the Google Play Store. without connecting could be done. This was a first in Google history. Because for the first time, users use the Google Play Store “bypass“They could.

Billing based on user preferenceThe collaboration, referred to as “, has now been implemented. In the statements made by Spotify, it is available around the world as part of the testing phase of the new billing system. started to be made available announced.

The new era will provide advantages for Spotify and users!

It means Spotify bypassing Google Play Store, lower costs means. After that, Google reduced the commission it received from Spotify due to users paying Spotify directly. will decrease by 4 percent.. This can be an advantage for users. So much so that Spotify can offer its falling costs to users as a discount. However, this is only one there is a possibility we must not forget. Spotify may also choose to add the commission difference to its revenue rather than deducting it from prices.


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The development has made the Google Play Store and the App Store separate from each other. you removed we can say. Because both ecosystems used to offer a single invoicing method until now, but this has changed with Spotify. Moreover, the billing system according to the user’s preference will be offered to more developers in the future. Thus, Android developers will have earned more money in return for the service they provide or will offer more affordable services to users with the same income.


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