Step by Step Windows 11 Update: How To? What are the requirements?

How to update Windows 11, which can make the computer you use much more efficient and useful? Read on for details!

In today’s tip content Windows 11 update We will tell you how to do it. First, let’s find out on which computers the update can be applied.

Which computers is the Windows 11 update suitable for?

As you know, software updates are only applied to computers with the necessary hardware features. So, to be able to apply the Windows 11 update to your computer you should check the hardware specifications first needs.

First of all, it’s worth noting that computers with the Windows 10 version are usually suitable for Windows 11. Other than that, you should look Here are all the details:

  • At least 64-bit processor,
  • TMP 2.0 processor assistant,
  • At least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage,
  • At least 720p screen resolution,
  • Internet connection and Microsoft account.

If your computer’s specifications are sufficient, let’s move on to how to apply the upgrade.

Step by Step Windows 11 Update How To What are

You can install Windows 11 update in two different ways

Installing the Windows 11 upgrade on your computer for two different methods exists. The first of these, Windows Update It is the option where you manage all the installation stages with the method. The other is Windows Setup Assistant is to use.

But don’t get confused. Because in both ways pretty fast and easy you somehow update your computer.

How to install Windows 11 with Windows Update method?

First of all, as we said above, upgrade requirements whether you can afford control you should. Because if your device does not meet the requirements, on the setup page ‘does not meet system specifications’ you will receive the message.

If everything is ok, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, make sure your Microsoft account is open.
  • Go to the settings from the start section and click ‘Update and SecurityClick the ‘ tab.
  • Select ‘Download and Install’ by clicking the ‘Check for Updates’ button on the page that appears.
  • Then follow the steps and wait for the update process to finish. Do not turn off your computer during this time. If you have work to do, continue using your computer while the update installs.

After the update is finished, your computer will automatically reboot itself. After the reboot, Windows 11 with all its features ready to use will be.

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How to update Windows 11 with Windows Setup Assistant?

Windows Setup Assistantfor all these update operations notifications It allows you to install quickly. Thus, you do not need to follow the updates. Here are the steps you need to follow with the setup assistant:

  • First, as we said before, check if you meet the required requirements for installation.
  • Go to Microsoft’s official website Download windows setup assistant. Continue by accepting the transactions that appear.
  • After downloading the installation assistant Accept the Windows license software agreement.
  • After accepting the agreement, continue with the option to accept the transactions again.
  • After accepting all the processes, the Windows 11 update installation process begins. During the download process Do not turn off your computer.
  • For the upgrade to be applied on the computer after the process is complete restart Complete the update by selecting the option.
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What’s new in the Windows 11 update? What changes will it make to the computer?

First of all, we should remind you again that the devices are the most current version extremely to use it is important. Because, in new versions, improvements are made and bugs are fixed compared to the previous version. At the same time, since the applications used will support the new version of the device, It is very important for efficiency. Windows, the system language of Microsoft, made important improvements in important criteria with this update it announced. Let’s take a closer look at the changes it will make on your computer compared to the old version:

  • Windows 365 optimization: Windows 365, Microsoft’s office It is a brand name used for tools. All office The innovations made about Windows 365, which brings together the tools facilitating offline cloud access was in the field. Switch, physical PC and Cloud Access to features such as Windows 11 has been made easier.
  • Smart meeting: The remote working culture that comes with the pandemic period takes it to the next level with the Windows 11 version. Now with the improvements made in Windows 11 live meetings are much better quality.
  • Identity protection: Another improvement that Windows 11 focused on was in the area of ​​identity protection. Known for this new update high security against widespread cyber attacks importance was taken.
  • Remote Assistance: Windows 11 remote assistance system, Information technology to your staff faster and safer somehow help created in his name.
  • file explorer: File explorer that allows you to browse quickly, now with the new version smart home page looks like.

Is Windows 11 update paid?

The Windows 11 update offered by Microsoft is not paid. All users free somehow they get to this update.

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Will the data on the computer be deleted after the Windows 11 update?

The Windows 11 update automatically moves all the files in the old version to the new version without any prompts from you. That is, it does not touch any data on your computer.

On the other hand, if you want your data to be protected securely, OneDrive You should use the file backup application named. But since the update won’t delete any of your files anyway, No need to worry.

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