Stock Image Sites Collide Because of DALL-E: Can Artificial Intelligence ‘Drawn’ Images Be Sold for Money?

There is tension between Shutterstock, known as the world’s largest photo sales platforms, and Getty Images. The CEO of Getty Images, who made a statement about Shutterstock, which agreed with Open AI for DALL-E, says that the agreement made is not correct. Here’s what happened…

Artificial intelligence technologies have started to spread all over our lives in recent years. We now use self-driving cars. Also, in recent transforming text into images Artificial intelligence started to come to the fore. Even Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with Independence anthem even artificial intelligence visualized with

Yes; you’ve heard of lately DALL-E We are talking about artificial intelligence technologies such as When we look at the latest developments in the sector, it is seen that this artificial intelligence technology will be used in the future. will lead to serious discussions. We see. Known as the world’s most popular photo sales platforms Getty Images with Shutterstockhas already started shooting. Let’s see what happened together.

Shutterstock and Dall-E agreed: Getty Images came out hard!


Popular photo purchasing platform Shutterstock made a statement that fell like a bombshell today. The developer of DALL-E OpenAI Announcing a wide-ranging collaboration with Shutterstock, announced that DALL-E and Shutterstock will start working in an integrated manner in a few months. Moreover, after this integration, visuals created using other artificial intelligence platforms sale will be banned. In a statement made by Shutterstock CEO Paul Hennessy; “Environments expressing creativity are constantly evolving. Embracing this evolution and ensuring that the generative technology that drives innovation is based on ethical practices is huge. We are aware of our responsibility.‘ statements were made.


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In the statements made by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the following statements were used: From Shutterstock making DALL-E images available to customers through our API we are excited. We look forward to future collaborations as AI becomes an integral part of artists. Both statements were an indication of satisfaction with the cooperation. But one of Shutterstock’s biggest competitors Getty ImagesHe doesn’t think so…

Getty Images CEO: They don’t think about the legal and ethical side of the images!

Artificial intelligence

The name, who made statements in parallel with the partnership announcement, is Getty Images CEO Craig Peters it happened. Speaking to The Verge, Peters announced a partnership. So much so that a partnership was established between Getty Images and Bria, which offers photo editing with artificial intelligence. Thus, Getty Images users would be able to edit their photos with a few taps. In a statement by Craig Peters, Taken in September 2022 It was stated that the decision to ban the sale of images created with platforms such as DALL-E and DALL-E will continue.


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Peters does not support other photo sales platforms to sell AI-powered images, and at this point Getty Images’ his demeanor is clear told. This was because it was unknown who owns the copyright of the images sold with artificial intelligence. Moreover, no one knew what would happen in the future. It would also be unethical to sell images made by artificial intelligence. Noting that much is unknown in this area, and citing Shutterstock, no don’t feel responsible Saying Getty Images CEO, it’s not right to act recklessly…


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So what do you think about this? Which of the explanations of both parties seems more plausible to you? You can share your ideas with us…

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