‘Surprise Egg’ Found 37 Years After The First Version of Windows Windows 1.0 Released

A Twitter user named Lucas Brooks discovered a surprise egg in Windows 1.0, which was launched 37 years ago.

Surprise eggs, which appear in many games and make us happy when we find them, appeared in a very interesting place this time. A surprise egg discovered in Windows 95 in the past months has managed to surprise many people.

Today, a new surprise egg was discovered in Windows 1.0, the first version of Windows that was launched 37 years ago by a Twitter user. Let’s take a look at this egg, which contains interesting information.

37 years after its launch, Windows 1.0’s surprise egg has been found

windows 0.1 surprise egg

Lucas Brooks, a Windows fan, frequently shares information about these eggs and unknown aspects of Windows on his Twitter account. This time, he surprised his followers with his sharing. In Windows 1.0, where Windows was launched 37 years ago. in its first version Sharing the surprise egg he found, Brooks realized that there were names hidden inside the software. One of the most striking of these names is; He is the president of Valve, who has accomplished many successful works from Half-Life to Steam Deck. Gabe Newell. Newell, who worked at Microsoft from 1983 to 1996, later left the company. To install Valve had separated. Those who remember or had this information before may have had some emotional moments after seeing Gabe Newell’s name in this surprise egg.

Brooks, after this egg, again in Windows 2.0 containing similar information He discovered another surprise egg. Such surprise eggs, hidden by software developers, seem to continue to surprise users. So much so that exactly 37 years ago, Windows 0.1 software was included. successfully hidden. this egg so far had never been found. Brooks, one of the biggest fans of Windows, has been searching for the existence of this egg for a long time, and since 1985 there has been no tool to discover such data. Brooks put this surprise egg at the end of the smiley bitmap file inside the operating system. in an encrypted way found it.

Brooks shared this surprise egg on his Twitter account:

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