Technology Takes Over Football: Semi-Automatic Offside System Announced to Be Used in Champions League


UEFA has announced that the semi-automatic offside technology system (SAOT) will be used in the Champions League from next season.

FIFA, offside largely determined by to artificial intelligence It had tested its technology for the first time at the FIFA Arab Cup, which took place in the past months. Announcing the successful completion of these tests, FIFA announced that the system would also be used in the World Cup and that the work in this area was accelerated.

“Semi-automatic offside technology”, a new technology that will track players’ limbs during the match and detect whether a football player is in an offside position, decides the outcome with images obtained from a camera installed on the roof of the stadium. This system, which can detect the offside in real time, provides 29 different data points for each player. 50 per second times data can collect.

The system will be used in the UEFA Super Cup match before the Champions League

Semi-auto offside technology

This system, which works thanks to special cameras, was first used in Helsinki. UEFA Super Cup will be used in the match. The semi-automatic offside technology, which will determine the offside based on the position of the ball and the player, will send a warning to the VAR.

This system, which will be tested in the 2022 UEFA Super Cup match to be played between the last Champions League champion Real Madrid and the last UEFA Europa League champion Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday, 10 August, at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, will start from the next season. in the Champions League will also be used.

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