The Age of Login to Websites with a Google Account Has Ended: What Will the User Do?

Google has disabled its website login service. The reason for this decision was the hijacking of Google account information. So what will users do next?

One of the services offered to users by the US-based technology giant Google, in third-party apps could log in. Thanks to this service, users did not have to register for a website, but linked their account information on the website with their Google account information. However, as of now, this situation has changed. Google no longer allows signing in to third-party apps does not allow.

It’s not hard to guess why Google did such a thing. Sites where this system is used cyber if attacked, Google account information was seized. With the decision taken, such a risk was eliminated. However, those who wish will still be able to log in to their websites using their Google accounts. In this case, a little will have to deal with.

You will not be able to use your Google password on websites


With the decision of Google, the process of connecting an account to any website using the password in your Google account you will not be able to. However, signing up for a platform using a Google account will be possible from now on, as it has been up to now. But this time, Google’s “Application PasswordsYou will need to activate the ” feature. Application Passwords are Google’s two factor authentication Note that it is used with the feature. In summary, Google has made it difficult to access third-party sites.


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