The Best Music Programs to Turn You into a Professional Musician


Even though the music editing process may seem simple, the results can be really irritating when you don’t use a good program. Moreover, with a good program, it is possible not only to edit but also to create an audio project from scratch. Let’s take a closer look at the best music programs and see the highlights of each.

Thanks to the unique programs in the software world that develops with technology, you can now work on a subject you have no experience with at a professional level. When it comes to music, the producer, the editor and the program stand out much more. Sound project you created using a good music program or the arrangement you make will make you feel the difference even in the most amateur ears.

When you do a general search for music programs, you may get confused because you may not find what you are looking for in every article listed as the best music programs. We have included music programs that offer more professional services in our list. For this reason, some of them may have a very high price, even for a one-time use. Bride to the best music programs let’s take a closer look and let’s see the highlights of each.

The best music programs:

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It is possible to say that Pro Tools 12 is the market’s favorite music program because Which professional music studio do you go to? Most of the programs you will encounter will be Pro Tools 12. Especially appealing to those looking for a versatile program for live instrument recordings, Pro Tools 12 eliminates the need to use an audio interface.

With Pro Tools 12, you can record 128 different tracks using 64 audio inputs and outputs at the same time. If you also use the shuffle level on another plan You will see support for 512 instruments and 1024 MIDI recordings. Moreover, there are more than 120 bonus add-ons. So for big productions, Pro Tools 12 is the ideal music program.

Step into professionalism: Reason 12

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Reason Studios has long been a developer in the music market known for its plug-ins and effects. If you are interested in music programs Reason 12 update Even if you don’t use it, you must have heard of it. Reason 12 has a system that allows you to use it like a real professional, even if you are not a real professional.

The new sampler, called Mimic, offers its users a much faster, new and fun field of use. With a soundbank of more than 29 thousand patches, loops and samples You can create the music of your dreams. Thanks to the maximum 32-step control system, you have the chance to try each production you make live.

Intelligent tempo system stands out: Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X stands out with its extensive library for audio production users. Putting you in control over each BPM and the Smart Tempo system, which organizes the recordings according to the other sounds in the project, is one of the details that makes the Logic Pro X program unique.

With its latest update, the number of plugins related to echoes, EQ options, drummer patches has been increased even more than the previous crowded library, but all this arranged It has been converted into an archive that users can find pinpointly. Using the Logic Remote feature, you can turn your smartphone into a remote and perform your operations remotely.

A never-ending archive: Ableton Live 11

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One of the first programs that come to mind when DJ, electronic music and hip hop are mentioned in the music market, there is nothing you can’t find if you want to make music with Ableton Live 11. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced musician; Ableton Live 11 program has In an audio archive with a file size greater than 10 GB you will find everything you are looking for.

In the standard edition of Ableton Live 11, you will encounter unlimited audio and MIDI tracks. It has 256 mono inputs and outputs, along with 12 different effects channels. During live programming Ableton Live 11, which stands out with its fast MIDI input capture feature, has more than 1800 onboard sounds, 37 sound effects and 14 MIDI effects. Thanks to the smart compilation feature, you will find harmony in all this mess.

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Making a name for itself in the music market with its success in audio interface hardware, Presonus reveals that it is also ahead in the digital music world with the Presonus Studio One 5 Artist music program. What makes Presonus Studio One 5 Artist unique is without moving the user between screens being able to present the entire stream through a single window.

In Presonus Studio One 5 Artist, where you can simultaneously capture multiple sound recordings, you can also You can apply MIDI sequencing with the multi-track editing feature. The program, which successfully implements the drag-and-drop method among so many professional features, also offers more than 30 sound effect plug-ins.

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Acid, one of the first developers that comes to mind when it comes to music software, has proven its success in this business again with Acid Music Studio 11. What you will do with Acid Music Studio 11 of each sound recording, You can be sure that the results of every project you create and every edit you make will be of professional quality.

Acid Music Studio 11 offers professional quality with 192 kHz multi-channel sound powered by 64 bit engine. It offers as well as eight virtual instruments and six effects plug-ins There are more than 2500 loops you can use for hip hop, house and rock music. With Acid Music Studio 11, you can record as many audio tracks as you want on your keyboard, play multiple instruments at the same time, and easily perform many different operations via shortcuts.

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When Celemony Melodyne Editor was first published, it had a strong impact on the music market with its many different features, especially polyphonic isolation. Celemony Melodyne Editor 5, the last of the updates made over the years, polyphonic isolation and precise pitch regulation seems to have improved further.

The most striking feature of Celemony Melodyne Editor 5 is the Direct Note Access system. Thanks to this system a multi-note functionality you earn. In other words, instead of taking the sound from a vocal or a guitar line directly into the program, you place it on a special fret, and you can isolate, soften or change notes over this fret.

Carry the big music studio in your bag: iZotope Spire

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If you are wondering why we absolutely need a computer to make music at a time when we can do everything on our smartphones, here is iZotope Spire. iZotope Spire A mobile application that you can download for free. However, without hardware support, you cannot achieve full strong performance. For this reason, you can carry a whole studio in your bag by buying a few Spire equipment.

You can produce unique music, record sound and edit. by listing the best music programs We briefly talked about the prominent features of each. If you are using the music programs on our list, you can share your experiences in the comments.


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