The Expected News Has Arrived: Windows 11 With Many Features Now On Steam Deck!

Windows 11, which was planned to come to the Steam Deck for a while, finally came out of the testing phase and was officially announced to come to the console.

Valve’s portable game console, Steam Deck, has been on the agenda recently with a video where a player connects a video card to the console. While the console-related players, which were thought to have not received enough attention, continued to try different usage methods, the expected move came from Windows.

For a while, the news that the Windows 11 operating version would come to Steam Deck had gained momentum. The expected news about Microsoft’s new operating system has finally come out of the testing phase, has been officially announced today. However, many users have questions about upgrading to Windows 11. So, is it worth downloading Windows 11 to Steam Deck?

You can save power on your Steam Deck with Windows 11

steam deck windows 11

Windows 11, with successful results in the testing phase, Officially on Steam Deck with fTPM support came. Some users have hesitations about downloading the operating system. The console is also very popular and useful as it is now. For this reason, switching to a new operating system can be seen as quite troublesome. But it has some features that might be worth your download.

At the beginning of these features that users who switch to the operating system will like; increase your console’s battery life during idle or very low power usage and power saving mode is coming. However, users who switch to the operating system will encounter shading options to save power. You can access the Shading option from the Quick Access Menu and choose to use 2×2 Variable Speed ​​Shading in your games. At the same time, compatibility problems in games will be prevented with Windows 11.


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Although it is a controversial issue, Windows 11 came to Steam Deck with many features. Considering that many of these are very useful features, it may be worth your patience to download the operating system. You can also find all the new features that come with Windows 11 here.

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