The Feature Windows Users Have Been Waiting For Years Finally Arrives!

Microsoft has started testing the search bar feature in Windows Task Manager, which will allow you to instantly find the application or service you want. Theme options are also added to the Task Manager.

Microsoft has finally started developing that small but useful feature that many Windows users have been watching for years. in Windows operating system Task Managerwill now get a search bar to let you find running apps instantly.

Microsoft is testing the search bar feature coming to Task Manager. It started with Insider users. Users will be able to query running services and applications not only by name, but also by publisher name or PID.

The search will also reflect on other pages:

task Manager

The phrase you searched for in the search bar, not only on the page you wrote the article, Also on other pages of Task Manager will be displayed. Thanks to the new service, users will be able to find applications more easily, especially when a large number of services are running, and perform the necessary actions.

The new feature won’t be just the search bar either:

task Manager

Normally keeping up with your preferred light or dark theme in Windows, Task Manager is now in the theme you want can be run. So while using Windows in light theme, you will be able to use Task Manager in dark theme.

No date has been given for the new features yet.


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