The First Widget Developed by Microsoft for Windows 11 Has Been Appeared: Gamers Like It


Mcirosoft announced the Game Pass widget, the first widget it developed for Windows 11. Thus, gamers will be able to see new upcoming games and productions that will be removed from the library more easily.

We are no strangers to having widgets that enhance the user experience on our Windows devices. Especially those who want to personalize their computers and optimize them for their own purposes cannot give up these small add-ons.

Microsoft has rolled out some of the widgets we’ve seen in Windows 10 before. to Windows 11 had carried. Now, it has come up with the first widget developed for Windows 11.

First widget will be for Game Pass

xbox game pass widget

Microsoft’s first new widget Game Pass specially designed for. Thanks to this widget, gamers will be able to see the productions in their library. In addition, it will be possible to see which games will be added to Game Pass and which will be removed from the library soon, thanks to this tool. In addition, thanks to this widget, gamers will have access to game recommendations in various categories. The addon will also act as an access portal for Xbox Game Pass. Microsoftalso explained that the work is ongoing for the feature to provide personalized recommendations and quick access to recently played games.

Currently widget only Windows 11 testers available to access. If you are a test user, open the widget panel on your computer, click the plus on the side of your profile. It will be enough to find the Game Pass widget in the list that appears and press the plus next to it.


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Microsoft currently offers a limited number of widgets for Windows 11. After completely transferring its own widgets over time, the company to third party developers will provide widget development possibilities. The Game Pass widget can also have a positive effect on the company’s subscription system.

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