"The Latest Battlefield Game" Battlefield 2042 Will Be Free For EA Play and Game Pass Subscribers!

It has been announced that Battlefield 2042, which has disappointed players in a row since its release, will come to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass.

The Battlefield series, which Electronic Arts, one of the largest game studios in the world, has been releasing regularly for many years, He peaked with Battlefield 3 and with the game Battlefield 1, it allowed us to re-live history by moving away from modernity.

After the frustration of Battlefield 5, Getting scolded by EA officials With the introduction of Battlefield 2042, players were hopeful again. However, after this game ended in disappointment, the player count of Battlefield 2042 saw places.

The game is coming to EA Play

YouTube video

In a video shared on Battlefield’s official YouTube channel, in honor of the first year of the game, which was released in November last year, the game will be announced to all players throughout next December. will be offered free announced. With this statement, the game will be released next month. It is also stated that it will be added to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass..

After the latest updates to the game increase in cheatsthe number of players dropped so much due to the emergence of many problems and server-related problems. You can’t even recruit people to the astroturf from those who play the game.. When this was the case, EA officials had to bring the game to EA Play and Game Pass to keep the game alive.

So how did the Battlefield series crash?

quotThe Latest Battlefield Gamequot Battlefield 2042 Will Be Free For

In fact, the sinking of the series, which gained great momentum with Battlefield 1, started with Battlefield 5. The fact that the game is far from historical facts, cosmetic items created for the characters inconsistent with the date Apart from things like this, situations such as the fact that events that did not happen in history were presented as if they had infuriated the players. In addition to all these, the weak cheat protection system in the game and the server errors that infuriated the players caused Battlefield 5 to be forgotten in a very short time. In fact, there were so many bad comments about the game that EA officials said “If you don’t like it don’t play” he said. Of course, it was Call of Duty that profited from this story.

In the words of the playersBattlefield 5 disgraceEA, who wanted to clean up, found the solution to make a game set in the future. When Battlefield 2042 was first introduced, game modes, visuals, “make your own mapThe game, equipped with features such as ”, was nominated to be the “king” of FPS games. But then something very bad happened, game is out.

When the game debuted, it was literally a place of war. Almost none of the bugs from the beta version were fixed, and features such as the tab where you can see the scores in the game and voice chat were not added. On top of that, players bombarded EA with negative comments. Later, some EA employees said “You set your expectations too high” and “This is not our first job we know what we are doing and we did the right thingtweets like ” and EA employees using Covid-19 as an excuse On top of that, the number of players had decreased to minuses. even later Even EA officials admitted that the game was a fiasco..


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As a result, although Battlefield 2042 tries to collect the number of players by coming to EA Play and Game Pass, unfortunately this game also took its place on EA’s “fails list”.

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