This Is What The New Chrome Logo Could Look Like: Here Are Chrome Logo Designs Designed by Google But Never Used


Google made statements about the story behind Chrome’s logo and the latest logo change. While the company announced that a logo with a rocket was considered in the first place, it also showed examples of logos that have never been used until today.

US-based technology giant Google’s internet browser Chromehas appeared with a remarkable innovation in the past months. The developers have created the logo of the world’s most popular browser with an update they prepared. they had changed. Thus, the logo, which has been used for 8 years, has been renewed, albeit on a small scale. Now Google has done something about this logo. He did an explanation.

Publishing a post on its official blog page, the company said that Google Chrome’s logo how it changed explained. The explanations also included logos prepared for Google Chrome but never used until today. Without further ado, let’s talk about both the story of the new logo and up to the present. we have never seen Let’s look at the logos.

Here are some logos for Google Chrome that have never been released.

Google Chrome

Working as a visual designer at Google Thomas Messenger In the statements made by the company, it was stated that all kinds of ideas were tried during the discovery phase. In this context; softening the corners, different geometries and whether the color ranges are separated on a white background, almost everything was discussed during the logo work. Here you can see some of the work done above.

When the company came to the end of the work, it had decided to make changes in operating systems. for example Windows 10 and Windows 11The logo in . has more gradients. Brighter colors were preferred in Chrome OS. If the company is on the macOS operating system a 3D design chose to use it.

Google’s latest logo looks like this:

Google Chrome

Well, have you ever seen the design for the first logo of Google Chrome?


Thomas Messenger said they thought of a rocket for Google Chrome in the first place, that’s why to represent speed says it is. Here is the description of the Google manager about the first design: When we introduced Chrome in 2008, our goal was to create a fast and easy-to-use browser, and nothing represents speed better than a rocket! However, our team finally get away from the rocket decided and came up with a design that looks approachable, clickable, and still captures the spirit of Google.

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