Those Who Use Work Computers For Their Private Jobs Attention: Your Boss Can See What You’re Doing


Today, thanks to technology-based communication tools, working remotely outside the office has become quite common. Especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, many sectors have switched to remote online working system. However, using company-dedicated computers for personal purposes threatens privacy.

According to Monica Chin of The Verge, the American technology and media news network, personal use on computers assigned for work is significantly higher. privacy hazard forming. Companies can easily access your movements in programs such as Slack and G-Suite Enterprise where internal communication is provided. can access.

Companies have a lot of software to monitor and monitor their employees’ devices. All kinds of personal data, from geolocation, internet history and social media browsing to photos, by company can be viewed.

You can approve access with contracts

Those Who Use Work Computers For Their Private Jobs Attention


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With the applications you use on your work computer or the legal agreements you have signed by the workplace, you accept that the device does not belong to you. Therefore, even if you have a personal account, logging in to the same computer will protect your data. to be reached may cause. You can still use it however you want, but on your work computers, especially e-mail and social media. personal Using online applications can threaten your privacy.

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