to WhatsApp "I called but you didn’t pick up" A Feature Is Coming To End Your Fights!

The latest Android beta version of WhatsApp has come with a new feature for users. Now, WhatsApp will provide additional information for calls that are not shown when do not disturb mode is on.

The Android beta version of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, has been updated. “” coded update is an innovation that will be important for users. to be tested has given the opportunity.

As you know, almost all smartphones have a feature called ‘do not disturb mode’, although it has a different name. WhatsApp’s latest update, this mod activated users. will present an important innovation for

You will be notified that an incoming call from WhatsApp is muted with do not disturb mode


WhatsApp users, if they receive a video or audio call while the do not disturb mode is on, will be notified. When entering the chat page or search section in the application, there is a search, but this search not shown due to do not disturb mode will be seen clearly. However, the user who made the call will not receive any notification regarding this issue. Thanks to this feature, it will be easier for the user who does not answer the call to explain himself.


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WhatsApp’s upcoming feature, which uses the Android beta version of the app with code by some users can be experienced. However, when stable version users will get this feature is yet to be determined. it is not clear

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