‘Twitter Blue’ That Gives Pay Blue Ticks Has Been Removed! (Stop it, Musk Man)

Twitter, which has been in chaos since the purchase of Elon Musk, has this time removed the new Twitter Blue, which started giving a paid blue tick 5 days ago.

A new day, a new Twitter blue tick news. Twitter, which came under the control of Elon Musk, recently released it, removed it a few hours later, and then republished it the other day. paid blue tick feature lifted again.

But this time, it’s not just the paid blue tick feature, it’s directly new. The full $8 Twitter Blue feature removed. Yes, things are a little complicated. But in summary, this new service has been available to iOS users recently. Along with the blue tick, it also offered various features such as fewer ads and longer video sharing.

Well, now what happened that Twitter Blue was removed?


Unknown. When Twitter users try to reach the required page to subscribe to Blue, “Thank you for your interest! Twitter Blue will be available in your country in the future. Please check back later.” began to encounter the warning.

But it’s not just a bug, the feature is completely gone!

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