Uganda successfully launched its first satellite into space

Uganda successfully launched its first satellite into space

Different countries have started to get involved in the space race, which has intensified in recent years. One of these countries was Uganda.

East African country Uganda launched its first satellite to the International Space Station. Uganda Science and Technology Ministry announced that the satellite named “PearlAfricaSat-1”, developed by Ugandan and Japanese engineers, will be placed in low orbit in December.

According to the news of AA, the satellite in question; It will be used for weather forecasting, water level control, mapping of natural resources and agricultural purposes.

NASA spearheaded the launch

It will also be used in disaster prevention and infrastructure planning. satelliteLaunched by NASA. It was stated that local engineers trained in this field will communicate with the satellite, which is the first satellite program of the country.

Few countries in Sub-Saharan Africa such as Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and Rwanda have satellites in space.


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