Update to Save Millions of Android Users from Google: Stolen Passwords Will Be Renewed Automatically!

With a new update for Android devices, Google ensures that stolen or data breached passwords are automatically renewed via Google Assistant.

Today, unfortunately, many of us are beginning to worry about the security of our data. Due to this concern of its users in companies, it continues to sign new studies. In the past days, it has switched to an application that shows which data the applications in the Google Play Store are using.

Just after this application, which relieved us a little, came another news from Google. How secure our data is on the Internet is a highly controversial issue. Attacks on an application or website that we use by malicious people also endanger our data. Google aims to prevent this situation with an update where our passwords will be changed automatically in case of a possible threat.

Google Assistant will warn about your compromised passwords

google assistant

Google announced this application in 2021, but it was never implemented. Now, Android users finally got this feature. With the new Android update, Google Assistant will be able to automatically change your password when it detects that it has been stolen. The feature was first announced by Max Weinbach of Android Police.

According to Weinbach, when Chrome encounters a security breach, it sends a warning to users and directs them to Google Assistant to change the compromised passwords. Users from here at any point, he will be able to take over this process from Google Assistant and complete the process manually. Users who do not want to use this feature of Google Assistant can turn it off in the Chrome settings.


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You know that today, almost all of us are members of many platforms or websites. Experts, every password we use is different from each other Although the number of passwords increases, this situation becomes a little more impossible. For this reason, it can be a very nice feature for Google Assistant to warn us about our passwords that are under threat.

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