Video Showing How to Use Windows 11’s New Feature to Paste Stickers Like a Fridge Magnet

A video has been shared showing how the new feature of Windows 11 that allows you to paste stickers on your desktop wallpaper works. It is unknown when the feature will be available.

Recently, Microsoft introduced a new software that will allow your desktop to be even more personal to you. Ability to add stickers to desktop We shared with you that he was working on it. Accordingly, it has been reported that in the new sticker feature, which is not yet available for Windows Insiders, you can set stickers from the “Decal Editor” application and that these stickers will not suddenly disappear unless you want them otherwise.

However, just because the feature isn’t available yet doesn’t mean we can’t find out what it looks like. A new video shared by Twitter user Albacore, who was the first to discover the desktop extraction feature of Windows, shows that the feature is how it looks and that you are working is showing.

Your desktop will now be more personal to you

Ability to add stickers to the Windows desktop wallpaper

In the video we saw that there is an option to add or change desktop stickers in the Settings app, there seems to be a lot of options on which stickers you can add to the desktop. According to the video, the user added to the desktop size of sticker and with its location He can play however he wants. The video also shows that the stickers stay on the Windows 11 desktop even if you change the wallpaper, so you can use them. manually shows that the stickers don’t disappear until you remove it.

In addition, most of the stickers seem to be grouped by a particular character; but the lack of filtering option and the sticker list seems a bit long, it is difficult to find a specific sticker you want. you may have difficulty can mean. Of course, this could be a feature Microsoft is working on to improve, and the stickers section search bar It might also make things a little easier.


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Here’s Windows’ ability to add stickers to desktop wallpapers

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