Warning To Gmail Users From Security Expert Who Found Facebook Vulnerabilities: Change Your Password

Security expert Youssef Sammouda, who came to the agenda with the discovery of security vulnerabilities in Facebook before, warned that Gmail users are in danger.

Gmail, one of the best free services offered by Google, is the world’s most popular email service and is also known as reliable, but this is not the case, according to the warnings of a cybersecurity expert who was famous for finding Facebook’s vulnerabilities in the past.

Security expert Youssef Sammouda, who came to the agenda with Facebook’s revealing security vulnerabilities, in his blog post. flaws in Gmail’s authentication codeaccounts when using Gmail credentials to sign in to the service opportunity to seize that you know revealed.

You may need to change your Google account password


Sammouda explained that he was able to exploit redirects in Google OAuth and chain it with elements of Facebook’s logout, checkpoint, and sandbox systems to infiltrate accounts.

Google OAuth; Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter and other companies, which allows users to connect accounts to third-party sites by logging in with existing usernames and passwords that they have already registered with these tech giants.

Sammouda warned that this method could be used much more widely, and was asked by Facebook this month for his research. $44,625 a prize He also confirmed that he was paid. Although Facebook has fixed the vulnerability, there is no word from Google yet.


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That’s why Gmail users are strongly advised to be careful. What you can do as a precaution is to change your password. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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