Warning to second-hand phone buyers

Warning to second-hand phone buyers

The high exchange rate, the limitation of installments and the increased prices of smartphones with taxes increased the interest in the second-hand market. However, this also brings some risks.

Sector representatives in the used and refurbished phone market warned consumers who want to buy or sell second-hand phones so that they don’t suffer.

According to the news of İHA, the CEO of Easycep, Mehmet Akif Özdemir, gave various information on the subject. ”While old phones are being sold; data should be backed up, accounts should be logged out, SIM and SD cards should be removed, factory settings should be restored, and last but not least, sales should be made to a safe and legal institution.

“They need to be safe and not involved in crime”

As old phones are sold, data privacy is important, and used and refurbished phone buyers should also buy a secure phone that is free of mail and applications, malicious software, and not involved in a crime. used the phrases.


“Sellers don’t delete their personal information”

Ozdemir, “According to research, 25 percent of those who sell their old phones do not delete their personal information. However, even if users delete their data, even if they reset to factory settings, this process may not be enough, their information can be restored.

If the data is not encrypted, this data can be easily accessed with a different motherboard. For this reason, professional support is a must, especially when buying and selling devices.

Even if users delete data, this process is very weak in terms of providing one hundred percent security. Even when factory settings are reset on Android devices, there is a risk of security vulnerabilities.

“Professional support required”

Therefore, in order to prevent sensitive information from falling into the hands of malicious people, users should get support from professional people and corporate companies in purchasing and selling second-hand devices. Used and refurbished phones should be preferred by reliable companies that specialize in this subject. he said.


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