We Haven’t Seen Android 13 Yet: First Information About Android 14 Has Come

While Google is still working on Android 13, the first information about the next operating system came. The developers discovered what name Android 14 will use.

One of the most used operating systems in the smartphone market is undoubtedly Android. Apple uses the iOS operating system for their iPhones, while other manufacturers use the Android operating system for their smartphones and tablets. uses.

US-based Google is testing the latest version of the Android operating system for Pixel models. Now that the countdown has begun for Android 13, this highly anticipated update has been officially announced. expected in the coming months. However, while the developers have not yet released the Android 13 update, they can also talk about Android 14. accessed important information.

The name of Android 14 has been revealed

The name of Android 14 has been revealed

The Android operating system has been coming up with different dessert names for years. US-based Google puts a different sweet name on the operating system it uses on mobile devices every year. Latest Android 13 update Tiramisu While coming with the name, the sweet name to be used in Android 14 has also been announced.

Android 14, which is expected to be released after Android 13, i.e. mid 2023, ‘Upside Down Cake‘ will have the name. While Google’s next operating system is named in this way, it is also possible to access the name from the AOSP codes.

So what do we expect in Android 14?

The Android 13 update will be a comprehensive change for devices. Android 13, which will come as a more user-friendly operating system, will have various performance improvements and battery saving functions.


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In addition, minor changes are expected in the interface part. However, since Android manufacturers usually develop interface updates according to their own preferences, Android’s renewed design will not be of much interest to different brands. However, there is no other information other than the name of Android 14 at the moment. After Android 13 is officially released, the innovations that Android 14 will bring will become clear.

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