What Are the ‘Wilson Principles’ Accelerating the Dissolution Process of the Ottoman Empire? Articles, Purpose, Importance and Consequences

We answered the question of what are the Wilson Principles published in the US Congress after the First World War by examining its articles. Wilson’s Principles also caused territorial division in the Ottoman Empire. Let’s examine the Wilson Principles by looking at its purpose, importance and consequences.

One of the world’s largest global wars, which started on July 28, 1914 and continued for 4 years. World War I Subsequently, different agreements were reached. Since it was a period when millions of soldiers and civilians lost their lives and the economy almost collapsed, after this period of poverty, the US President of the time Wilson Principles The articles we know as were published. announced in the US Congress Purpose of Wilson’s principles although peace was interpreted differently by some countries.

The First World War was a war that was effective all over the world and as a result, it caused great material and moral damage. After the war, the nations that were tired of constantly fighting began to take steps towards peace and the problems began to be resolved at the political tables. In this process, the United States Congress Wilson Principles announced. These principles, which were accepted by some countries, were not supported by some countries, and it was said that the principles actually had different meanings. If you wish, let’s not prolong the conversation and come together What are the Wilson PrinciplesLet’s examine.

What is the Wilson Principles, how many items does it consist of?

Willson's principles

Towards the end of the First World War, which affected the whole world, United States President Woodrow Wilson by 14 principles announced. By declaring these principles, known as the Wilson Principles, the President of the United States wanted such wars not to occur over the world again and to establish completely peace-oriented relations.

These 14 principles, announced by President Wilson in the United States Congress, of a new world order We can say that it is one of the first steps. These principles, which were announced at that time, were not accepted by the majority of the countries that entered the war.

Articles of the Wilson Principles:

Wilson Principles clauses

  1. All future peace treaties will be made in a completely open and transparent manner, international secret treaties will no longer be made. Secret diplomacy will completely disappear, and open diplomacy will take its place.
  2. With the exception of the seas closed by international conventions, all seas will be completely free to travel to and from.
  3. All obstacles to the economy will be removed between the nations that will participate in this peace, and equality will be accepted during commercial relations.
  4. The armed forces in the countries will be reduced to a level that can protect the internal security of the country, and the countries will not be armed otherwise.
  5. The demands made by the colonies will be handled in a completely impartial manner and a conclusion will be reached by considering the interests of the people.
  6. All foreign soldiers in Russia will be withdrawn, and measures will be taken for Russia to be ruled by itself again.
  7. Foreign soldiers will withdraw from Belgium, Belgium will have the right to freedom again.
  8. The injustice done to France will be ended, and the occupied French lands will be returned to France.
  9. The borders of the country of Italy will be reorganized at the national level.
  10. The place of the Austro-Hungarian people among the nations will be preserved, the people will be secured, and the people will be given the opportunity for autonomous development.
  11. Serbia will have a free and reliable gate at sea, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro will be evacuated and returned by foreign troops, the Balkan states will reorganize their national relations with each other amicably. Guarantees will be given to the Balkan states that their international political and economic independence and borders will be protected.
  12. The right of sovereignty will be given to the Turkish sections in the Ottoman Empire, and the other nations under Turkish rule will be given the opportunity for an autonomous development. The Dardanelles Strait will be opened to commercial ships of all states within the framework of international guarantees.
  13. An independent Polish state will be established.
  14. In order to mutually guarantee the political independence and territorial integrity of all states, the International Organization of Nations will be established.

So what is the purpose of the Wilson Principles?

Purpose of Wilson's principles

Woodrow Wilson announced by What is the purpose of the Wilson Principles Coming to the question, the principles serve US interests. Although Wilson did not state the ulterior motives of these principles, they were told by other countries that they had ulterior motives.

The Wilson Principles, when we look at it clearly; It has purposes such as preventing new colonies, restoring the rights and lands of the occupied countries, making all contracts openly and ending the war. Compared to other countries, the Wilson Principles said that the United States aimed to be able to view the treaty between other countries, and USAwas also trying to gain the right to intervene in these treaties when necessary. The article covering these issues did not materialize.

to the Ottoman Empire The right granted caused the Empire to lose its territorial and population integrity to a large extent. Because the peoples of the region had the opportunity to establish their own states.

Let’s look at the significance of the Wilson Principles:

The Importance of the Willson Principles

announced by the United States Wilson PrinciplesAlthough it had obvious as well as hidden reasons, it managed to play a major role in ending the First World War. Because the Central Powers hoped as a result of these principles. According to these principles, the damaged countries would be freed from occupation and regain their economic freedom. Although the Allies defined these principles as a way of salvation, the Entente Powers revealed their hidden reasons, which we mentioned in the previous title.

Results of the Wilson Principles:

Willson's principles

After the war, the defeated states were hopeful about the Wilson Principles. Because the Wilson Principles aimed purely at peace rather than war. With this, Allies These principles were not accepted. But in order not to lose the support from America, he tried to give the appearance of acceptance. The victorious countries interpreted these principles in their own way and explained the main purpose of the principles.

However, in Article 12 Ottoman Empire With this principle, minorities gained the opportunity to establish an independent state. This resulted in the fragmentation of the lands of the Ottoman Empire.

The Wilson Principles, proclaimed by the President of the United States after the First World War, led to some imbalances, even as they tried to maintain peace. Announced for you in the US Congress What are the Wilson PrinciplesWe answered questions such as what is the purpose of the Wilson Principles. What do you guys think of the Wilson Principles announced by US President Woodrow Wilson? Do not forget to share with us in the comments.


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