What is 3D Secure we see while shopping online, what is it for?

When you buy something from any online shopping site, the screen you see and the code sent to your mobile phone by SMS is the 3D Secure system. This system ensures the security of your online spending with an understanding similar to two-factor authentication. Let’s take a closer look at what 3D Secure is and how it works.

Two-factor authentication system is used in almost all social media platforms today. Thanks to this system, even if a malicious person knows your e-mail address and password, they cannot log into your account. 3D Secure system as well It provides exactly such a service, but the only difference is that it provides this security in cases where it is considered suspicious during your online spending or high amount of spending.

Banks and credit card companies have been around for a long time, as the history of e-commerce fraud is at least as old as e-commerce. 3D Secure and similar security infrastructures. Thanks to this infrastructure, even a malicious person with all your credit or debit card information cannot easily spend online. Bride What is 3D Secure, how does it work Let’s take a closer look and see the details you need to know about this security system.

3D Secure

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure; made by using a credit or debit card during your online shopping. It is a system that provides an additional layer of security to transactions. 3D Secure, an XML-based platform, was developed by a company called CA Technologies today.

Developed by CA Technologies, the 3D Secure system was first introduced by Visa. Verified by Visa was used as Later by Mastercard MasterCard SecureCode as and by JC International J/Secure was used as Although it has different names, the basic name of the system used by all these companies and banks is 3D Secure.

What does 3D Secure do?

3D Secure

You can think of the 3D Secure system as two-factor authentication found on social media platforms. Because 3D Secure; online shopping sites using a credit or debit card. to prove that you made the expenses It is an authentication system used.

Let’s think like this; you lost your credit card or an incompetent platform that you gave your credit card information had this information stolen. The person who seized your credit card information immediately went to convert this information into money and wanted to buy a new iPhone. Of course he didn’t get because the 3D Secure system required authentication for such a big expense.

How does 3D Secure work?

3D Secure

3D Secure is basically what’s saved in your bank account or credit card account. It authenticates with a code sent to your mobile phone number via SMS. Thanks to this code, which is mostly 6 digits, it is proved that the cardholder made the purchase himself or was aware of this expenditure.

Some companies that use 3D Secure always give their users a PIN that they can use before this process. However, in the widely used system, the user’s mobile phone a code that is valid only once and for a certain period of time sent. The one-time confirmation code increases system security.

How to use 3D Secure?

3D Secure

Whether or not to use 3D Secure is left to the discretion of the cardholders. Via internet banking and mobile banking or by calling your bank You can activate the 3D Secure system. If you see an expression like ‘Use 3D Secure’ on the payment screen while shopping, you must confirm and pay.

Note that the 3D Secure system does not always work, especially on platforms where your card information is registered. 3D Secure, It is used in doubtful situations or when the amount of expenditure is higher than usual. For example; If you repeatedly spend online, it can be considered suspicious.

Advantages of using 3D Secure:

3D Secure

  • You cannot be scammed. This is the biggest advantage of the 3D Secure system. Because we know Nothing is guaranteed in the digital world. For this reason, it is always risky to provide credit or debit card information to a platform, no matter how reliable it is. Thanks to the 3D Secure system, you will at least be aware of such a situation.
  • In addition to the theft of your digital data, 3D Secure is a great measure for theft that you may experience in real life. Real to use cards POS devices require a password, but online shopping does not require a password. For this reason, thieves often evaluate stolen cards by spending online.
  • The 3D Secure system is used together with the main cards, connected to the main card. It also applies to supplementary cards and virtual cards. In other words, it is one of the advantages of the 3D Secure system to prevent terrible expenses from the card you give to your child or spouse.

Does the 3D Secure system have disadvantages?

3D Secure

  • It is not possible to talk about any disadvantages for credit and debit card users and banks, but online shopping sites and other online sellers have some objections to 3D Secure and similar systems. Methods that slow down such payment they say it turns the user off from shopping.
  • They may be right. Most of the online shopping is done in the evening, that is, when we are bored and unhappy. Just enter the 6-digit password for a long time when you have to buy that product with one touch just in case. It may cause us to change our mind. Since we know what will happen to us if we don’t use 3D Secure, this disadvantage can be seen as the difference between the sheep and the butcher’s problem.

Is 3D Secure hackable?


The 3D Secure system cannot be hacked. Because there is a simple operating principle; the bank sends a code to the mobile phone number registered to the credit card. However, the bank or credit card provider in question The company’s system can be hacked. Worse still, your information can be intercepted and changed.

For example; including your bank and credit card information When many of your personal data are stolen, thieves enter the system. They can change your mobile phone number registered to the 3D Secure system. Likewise, this information can be changed as a result of a cyber attack on the bank system. Such an action can also be taken if your physical card is stolen.

Considering all these possibilities, the first precaution you can take is not to share your information with the platform in front of you. Another effective measure is to use a virtual card. When your physical card is stolen, call your bank and cancel the card as soon as possible. Make sure the site uses 3D Secure for online purchases. So the system is safe, but the environment is not very secure.

Making your online shopping much safer What is 3D Secure, how does it work, what are the advantages We answered the curious questions such as and talked about the details you need to know about this system. You can share your thoughts about the 3D Secure system in the comments.

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