What Is Coding That Can Create Many Job Opportunities When You Learn, What Does It Do, How Is It Done?

All of the technological devices you use in your daily life work through the correct codes developed by engineers. Have you ever wondered what coding is or how it is made that has so much impact on our lives? Today, we have examined and answered these questions in detail for you.

Our lives are increasingly shaped around apps and smart devices. More and more on our laptops or phones every day time we spend. In the background of all these technological devices we use, there are codes that make them work.

Especially in recent years, a wide variety of job opportunities have emerged in the field of coding. Even if you work in a different field, it’s probably code You have encountered the lines If you are wondering what exactly coding is and how it is done, you can continue reading our article where you can get answers to these questions.

Let’s start with the basics, what is coding?

What Is Coding That Can Create Many Job Opportunities When

In simple terms, coding is a form of communication. Just as humans communicate with each other in languages ​​they can understand, so humans and computers communicate in various languages. Contact is establishing. These languages ​​are known as programming languages, and the process of writing code on these languages ​​is also called coding.

Written codes tell a computer what actions it should perform. By writing code, you can get computers what to do much faster. Likewise, by coding websites You can design, build applications, or manipulate various data.

So what does coding do?

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Coding is used for many different purposes, such as developing websites or various software. Especially the rapid technological development in recent years, many new technologies that can be done with coding. Working area has revealed. Technologies developed through coding have made thousands of working hours or analog machines faster and more reliable systems. In addition, coding in everything from the microwaves we use in our homes to power plants. effect exists.

How to code, where to start?

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“How is coding done? before answering the question of what kind coding You have to research and decide what you want to do. By making this decision, you will have chosen the programming language you want to work on and you will have decided what kind of learning method you will follow.

For coding, first of all, you can work comfortably. to the computer you must have. Then you can download the necessary programs related to the programming language you have decided to work on. such as Python, Java, Kotlin, Swift, C# and C++ popular You can start working by choosing one of the programming languages. You can access trainings on these programming languages ​​through various training sites or written documents.

What are coding languages?

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There are many scripting languages ​​you can choose to work on. But these coding languages ​​can be used for different purposes. For example, a website If you want to design, you need to learn languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java. if mobile application If you want to develop, you can learn Swift (iOS) or Java (Android). If you are undecided about which coding language to choose, we have compiled popular programming languages ​​for you.


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Python was first introduced in the late 1990s. Guido van Rossum Developed by Guido wanted to come up with a coding language that could solve the problems that programmers often encounter. In the following years, many companies, including Google, used Python for their development work. of the statement It quickly increased in popularity after that. It has become the primary coding language especially for Machine Learning algorithms, Data Science projects, and more.

Compared to other high-level coding languages ​​such as C++ and Java, it allows the coder to write less code. In short, Python is a fairly easy language to read and write.


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Java is used in computers, mobile devices, game consoles, medical devices and more. object oriented It is a coding language. The general rules of Java are based on C and C++ languages. One of the biggest advantages of coding with Java is that it’s portable. In other words, a Java code you write with your laptop. to mobile device you can easily carry.

It is also important to understand that Java and JavaScript are different scripting languages. of Java code compilation Code written in JavaScript does not need to be compiled. In addition, JavaScript’s scope is limited to web browsers, while Java can easily be run anywhere.


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JavaScript, websites users It is an object-oriented scripting language used to make it more useful and interactable for users. in 1995 Netscape Navigator Developed for JavaScript, today’s most popular coding language is accepted.

That is, JavaScript generally provides interaction and functionality to a web page. to add used for. In addition, it is widely used in game and mobile application development.


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Kotlin is an open source programming language created by JetBrains that has become popular because it can be used to program Android apps. Developed by JetBrain in 2010, this language was released in 2012. open source was made into.

Actually, Google’s It wasn’t a very popular language until it announced that it would support Kotlin. It started to gain popularity among app developers in a short time. People who are currently developing for Android 72% of became his choice.


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Swift is a software developed by Apple that builds on techniques from Objective-C, modernizing them in a shorter and more readable way. Apple coding language. Compared to older languages ​​like Objective-C, Swift is an easier language to learn and read. Especially for Apple Platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS) and more as it is compatible with servers popular It has become a language.

First introduced from WWDC 2014 It has grown tremendously since then, and the developer community for this language continues to grow.


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HTML is a coding language used for the creation of websites. A page with HTML internet browsersIt is determined how it will be displayed by I. physicist in the late 1990s by Tim Berners-Lee This language, which was created, has been constantly revised and updated over the years.

Most of the web pages you log into on the internet are stored as an HTML file, including the page you are currently reading this article on. That is, websites are essentially stored HTML pages. When you log into a page, the files are actually is stored You are calling an HTML page from the server. The internet browser you are using then parses the HTML and displays the page as designed.


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Websites coded with CSS, HTML image is a programming language. This design language has its own rules. In 1994, Håkon Wium Lie and World Wide Web developed in partnership. In those years, web pages were often created with only HTML.

Introduced to further format web pages with HTML, CSS began to be used in many web pages in a short time. Today, along with HTML and JavaScript, CSS supports the World Wide Web. basic coding one of their languages.


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C++, software It is a scripting language used to create It is an object-oriented language that focuses on objects rather than distinct functions. C++ was created in 1979 to further extend the C language and give developers more control over memory and system resources. Bjarne Stroustrup was invented by Since the first day it was developed, C++ has become one of the most preferred languages ​​by developers. operating systems, user interfaces, 3D animations, virtual reality, blockchains and various video games. in the field is used.


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PHP is a scripting language used to develop dynamic web content. server oriented works. PHP has gained immense popularity because it has a lot in common with the C program in terms of simplicity. As time passed, the language expanded and as a result object oriented It has also been used for programming.

By Canadian engineer Rasmus Lerdorf 1994 PHP, which was developed in 2007, has received various development updates at regular intervals. These improvements started turning PHP into a true scripting language.

Conclusion: Why should we learn to code?

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Whether you’re considering learning to code in line with your career goals or just wanting to pursue it as a hobby, either way, you’ll find some benefits will be. Knowing coding can take you to various fields of study outside of this field. skills will profit. In short, learning any coding language and working on it today will improve you a lot.


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