What Is SlimDrivers For Updating Your Computer Drivers, How To Use It, Is It Safe?

SlimDrivers software, which allows you to automatically update the drivers installed on your computer with Windows operating system and have full control over the drivers, saves users the trouble of manually updating drivers. Let’s take a closer look at what SlimDrivers is, how to use it, and most importantly, is it safe?

Even if you are not aware of it, you have many different drivers for your computer with Windows operating system to work properly. Just having the drivers installed is not enough. The drivers in question should also receive the updates released by the manufacturer. If you are not installing manually by following these updates Third-party software like SlimDrivers you can use.

SlimDrivers and similar software save users the hassle of chasing drivers. After installing the software, you automatically receive and install the updates. However, software like SlimDrivers is not always considered completely safe, as they sometimes download inaccurate versions. Bride What is SlimDrivers and how to use it Let’s take a closer look at the frequently asked questions and look for the answer to the question of whether it is safe.

What is SlimDrivers, how to use it, is it safe?

What are SlimDrivers?

Developed and published by Slimware Utilities, SlimDrivers is a software for your computer with Windows operating system. automatically updating drivers and it is a third-party software that allows you to control the drivers. It is considered third-party software as it is not software developed by Windows or driver manufacturers.

SlimDrivers automatic driver update software offers its users the opportunity to automatically install their drivers using cloud technology. using this software after driver scan you can detect and fix driver errors, access the latest versions, and install the latest released updates. Another advantage of SlimDrivers software is its low file size.

What does SlimDrivers do?


When you customize the scan information after installing the SlimDrivers automatic driver update application, you will see the Windows operating system. the latest versions and updates, if any, of the drivers installed on your computer coming out. The software, which finds these updates through the cloud system, allows you to install all these updates with one click.

SlimDrivers software has a simple and user-friendly interface. The software, which finds all the main types of drivers using cloud technology, not only finds the latest versions and updates; also installed on your computer. if there is an error in the drivers It also allows you to check and correct them. Since it has a file size of even less than 1 MB, it can be used comfortably on all computers.

How to use SlimDrivers?

  • Step #1: Download the SlimDrivers installation file from here and complete the installation.
  • Step #2: Run the software and customize the scanning options.
  • Step #3: Start the scanning process.
  • Step #4: Install updates.


Step #1: Download the SlimDrivers installation file and complete the installation:

After downloading the SlimDrivers installation file from the link we gave above Run it by double clicking on it. To accept the user agreement I Agree button to start the installation process. Accept & Install Click the button. After the installation process, which may take a few minutes Finish Click the button.

Step #2: Run the software and customize the scanning options:

After installing the SlimDrivers software, run it and click on it in the top toolbar. Options Click . In this tab, Options where you can customize the driver scan by SlimDrivers will come out. You can customize these options according to the driver features installed on your computer with Windows operating system.

Step #3: Start the scanning process:

After customizing the driver scan options made by SlimDrivers open home page and Start Scan Click the button. After a period of time, which varies depending on the driver density installed on your computer, the SlimDrivers scan will be completed and driver updates will appear.

Step #4: Install updates:

After the SlimDrivers scanning process, you will see, if any, installed on your computer. latest versions and updates of drivers will come out. next to the update. Download Update You can install the update by clicking on the text. In this way, you can close the SlimDrivers page after installing all the updates for the drivers installed on your computer.

Is SlimDrivers safe?


Let’s come to the question that bothers users the most about SlimDrivers, is it safe? Because it’s a third-party software It is not possible to say with certainty that it is safe. however, when we examined the user comments, we did not find any user who had any problems with SlimDrivers. Therefore, at least for now, we can say that SlimDrivers is safe.

At this point, it is necessary to open a parenthesis. Automatic driver update applications like SlimDrivers and similar sometimes crash into your computer’s system. they may not install the appropriate versions and updates and therefore some cause performance problems. In order not to deal with such problems, it is recommended to visit the official websites of the driver manufacturers, follow the new versions and updates and install them manually. But automatic driver update is also an option you can always try.

Instead of automatic driver update with SlimDrivers, published on the official website of the driver manufacturer. if you install new version and updates manually You can find the most suitable versions for your computer’s operating system and hardware structure. It will be a little more difficult than automatic updating, but it will prevent problems that you will experience due to incompatible drivers in the coming days.

For manual installation, you do not need to download the latest version or update of the driver from the official website. On your computer with Windows operating system Open Device Manager, Right-clicking on the driver you want to update and clicking Update Driver will also update the driver. It is even possible to give instructions for the automatic implementation of this process on the Windows Update page. However, the Windows Update page does not offer as wide a range of options as SlimDrivers. The choice is yours.

Why are driver updates necessary?


Just as the operating systems and applications installed on our computers and mobile devices for their correct work. we update frequently, we should update drivers for the same reason. New versions and updates released by the driver’s manufacturer fix errors in the existing driver and make it run at much higher performance.

Another important thing to follow and install the driver updates is not to miss the innovations. To adapt to the ever-changing technology all technology manufacturers have to improve their existing products. They also distribute these improvements with new versions and updates. For this reason, if you do not update your drivers, you will miss the innovations and you will experience performance problems because the driver does not work correctly.

It allows you to automatically update the drivers on your computer by checking them. What is SlimDrivers, what is it for, how to use it We answered the curious questions such as and talked about the details you need to know about the software. If you use SlimDrivers, you can share your experience in the comments.

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