What is ThrottleStop, where you can make processor settings, what is it for, how to use it?

When you plug your laptop into the charger, the system tries to eliminate the overheating problems that may occur by limiting the performance of the processor, but this will reduce the performance of the computer. Let’s take a closer look at the answers to the questions such as what is ThrottleStop, what is it, how is it used, which is developed to solve such problems.

Computer technology is developing day by day. A problem with the previous model is eliminated in the new model, but users who do not frequently buy new laptops at this exchange rate experience some problems. The most common among these are CPU restrictions. When you plug your laptop into charge, your processor restricted to avoid overheating problems and computer performance degrades. That’s exactly what ThrottleStop was developed for.

ThrottleStop software was developed to eliminate these restriction problems, especially on older model laptops. Of course, using such software can damage your computer, but it’s a risk you have to take as a user. With ThrottleStop, you can also control the CPU temperature. Bride What is ThrottleStop, what is it for, how to use it Let’s take a closer look at the frequently asked questions.

What is ThrottleStop?

Developed by UncleWebb and first published in 2010, ThrottleStop software protects laptops from heating problems when you plug them in. To disable the CPU throttling feature used software. With ThrottleStop, you can make many adjustments on the processor and instantly measure the temperature values.

The use of ThrottleStop software is recommended, but how safe it is is unknown. because a feature that your computer activates to protect itself. It is debatable how accurate it is to eliminate it. However, it is known that some users have successfully disabled this feature with ThrottleStop, speeding up their processor and even extending battery life.

What does ThrottleStop do?


If you are using an older laptop or even a new laptop has a low processor when you start charging the device You will feel it warming up and slowing down. This is the computer’s self-protection mechanism. Many systems have one or all of the three basic types of CPU throttling that will enable this feature.

This is where ThrottleStop software comes into play. It says why my computer slows down because I plugged it in and by adjusting the processor settings You are removing the constraint. By monitoring the CPU temperature momentarily, you make sure that everything is in order. You can even extend your laptop’s battery life by customizing the changes you make to the settings.

How to download ThrottleStop?


You can download the ThrottleStop software from the link here. After download The installation process is extremely simple. You run the installation file you downloaded and give the necessary permissions. In some cases, it may be recommended to restart your computer, but if you have not received such a warning, you do not need to restart your computer.

The most important point you should pay attention to when downloading the ThrottleStop software, Make sure you are downloading the latest version of the software. It has been seen that outdated ThrottleStop software does not work or causes different problems. You can also update your CPU drivers before running the ThrottleStop software. You will get much better results.

How to use ThrottleStop?


Unfortunately, there are no steps we can give to answer the question of how to use the ThrottleStop software. because Depending on the make, model and processor of your computer, the settings you need to make will vary. In some cases, you may even need to use trial and error method. Let’s talk about the menus that will appear on the ThrottleStop main screen, at least you have an idea;

  • With Save you save your settings.
  • With Options, you view the options.
  • With Turn On / Off, you activate or deactivate the last settings you made.
  • With TS Bench, you see the effect of your adjustments on your processor.
  • With Clock Modulation / Chipset Clock Modulation you regulate the working capacity of your processor and chipset.
  • With Set Multiplier you set the CPU clock speed and data transfer rate.
  • With Speed ​​Shift – EPP you regulate processor behavior.
  • With Power Saver, you can activate or deactivate the power saving mode.
  • With Disable Turbo, you stop your processor from running at turbo power.
  • With BD PROCHOT, you stop your processor from working in an emergency when it gets too hot.
  • With the Task Bar you pin the ThrottleStop software to the taskbar.
  • With Log File, you view your transaction history.
  • With Stop Monitoring you stop the ThrottleStop recording system.
  • You use the C1E option when you do not keep your computer active.
  • With On Top you get the ThrottleStop software window to the top.
  • With More Data, you save data in more detail.
  • With Package Power, you view the power used by your processor.
  • With Temp you display the core temperature.
  • Limit Reasons is the user information screen.
  • With the CLR you reset the temperature records.
  • With DTS you edit temperature readings.
  • C#% shows the power and usage status of your processor.
  • With BLCK you recalculate the CPU clock speed and data transfer rate.
  • With TPL, you control turbo power on laptops that have not received a BIOS update.
  • With FIVR you make your processor old low voltage.

When you run the ThrottleStop software, the basic titles and menu options and their meanings are as follows. When you already run the software You will receive some warnings and suggestions by the system. By adjusting the settings within the scope of these warnings and recommendations, you will get the maximum efficiency from your laptop’s processor and battery.

What is Throttlestop speedstep and speed shift?

Speedstep, which is one of the titles that will appear when you open the Throttlestop software, pre-Skylake replaces the software-level management of legacy processors. Speed ​​shift, which is another title you will come across, post skylake Replaces the software-level management of new processors, replacing the speedstep feature.

How to solve Throttlestop CPU Not Supported error?

  • Method #1: Make sure you are using the latest version of Throttlestop.
  • Method #2: Make sure your processor is up to date and Throttlestop compatible.
  • Method #3: Try not to charge your laptop with a different adapter.
  • Method #4: It’s time to buy a new computer.


Method #1: Make sure you’re using the latest Throttlestop version:

We said that outdated Throttlestop software will not work and will cause many different problems. One of these problems is the Throttlestop CPU Not Supported error. If you are getting this error The first thing you should check is the Throttlestop version. You may have accidentally downloaded an old version from the link we provided above. Delete it and try again with a new one.

Method #2: Make sure your processor is up to date and Throttlestop compatible:

Another common cause of Throttlestop CPU Not Supported error is that the CPU drivers are out of date or the processors are not Throttlestop compatible. Throttlestop software only supports Intel core processors. Throttlestop will not work if you are using an AMD or other brand processor. If your Intel processor is not working, try updating. Throttlestop CPU Not Supported error is definitely resolved.

Method #3: Try not to charge your laptop with a different adapter:

We said that the Throttlestop software disables a feature that restricts your processor to overheating problems when you start charging your laptop. So you charge your laptop The voltage power of the adapter is also extremely important. If you get the Throttlestop CPU Not Supported error, try using a different adapter. Especially old adapters commonly cause Throttlestop CPU Not Supported error.

Method #4: It’s time to buy a new computer:

There are problems that even Throttlestop software cannot fix. You saw that no matter what you do, it doesn’t work. try to buy a new computer in installments with a deed. Because if your computer is too old, even Throttlestop can’t offer a solution.

It measures temperature values ​​by maximizing your processor and battery performance. What is Throttlestop, what is it for, how to use it We answered the curious questions such as and talked about the details you need to know about this software. If you are using Throttlestop, you can share your experience in the comments.

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