What is VoiceMeeter, You Can Edit and Customize Apps’ Sounds Separately, and How to Use It?

You can make your broadcasts on Twitch and similar platforms much more professional with the VoiceMeeter application, where you can make instant customizations by individually controlling the sounds of all the applications you are running on your computer, and you can also make your audio experience unique during use.

Let’s say you are playing a game on your computer. You can simultaneously listen to music, talk to your game friends, hear the sound of the game, even broadcast live on Twitch and similar platforms, and you control all these through a single audio channel. This is annoying to even think about. with a virtual audio mixer such as VoiceMeeter You can easily solve it for free.

VoiceMeeter app, It allows you to separately control the volume of all the applications you are running on your computer at the same time. You can adjust the level of these sounds that you have divided into different channels, as well as make many different customizations. So it’s the virtual version of the sound mixer we know. Bride What is VoiceMeeter and how to use it Let’s see all the details step by step.

What is VoiceMeeter?

VoiceMeeter developed and published by VB Audio; running on your computer at the same time. lets you edit app sounds individually and it is a free virtual sound mixer where you can customize the sounds you have allocated to different channels. VoiceMeeter is compatible with all Windows operating system versions.

What does VoiceMeeter do?


Let’s think like this; you play games on your computer, talk to your friends in the game, listen to music and broadcast live on a platform like Twitch. Controlling all this through a single sound system Even the thought of it is annoying. This is where the VoiceMeeter application comes into play.

With VoiceMeeter, sounds of all applications open on your computer You can control them separately. You can increase the volume of some and decrease the volume of others. VoiceMeeter can also control microphone inputs. In other words, it is possible to control which application’s audio will go to the broadcast or not.

How to use VoiceMeeter?

  • Step #1: Download the VoiceMeeter app from here and complete the setup.
  • Step #2: If you have external audio equipment, download the VB-Cables application from here and complete the installation.
  • Step #3: Select VoiceMeeter application as speaker and microphone from Windows sound settings.
  • Step #4: Open the VoiceMeeter app.
  • Step #5: Assign application sounds to channels.
    • You can assign the audio of only open applications to VoiceMeeter channels.
  • Step #6: You can instantly customize the sounds you want.
  • Step #7: The operation is ok.


With the VoiceMeeter application, you can listen to the sounds of applications open on your computer. dividing into individual channels Just follow the steps above to check. Before allocating sounds to VoiceMeeter channels, ensure that each application is running and playing sound.

Because it has a similar working principle with many alternative virtual audio mixers Before using the VoiceMeeter app You should choose it as default microphone and speaker. When you open the VoiceMeeter application, you will have full control when you connect the said input and output hardware to the application.

You can perform the changes you have made through the Windows sound settings on the same screen. you can get it back. So if you decide not to use VoiceMeeter anymore or you don’t want to use such an app at the moment, you can easily revert to your default microphone and speaker devices.

What you need to know about VoiceMeeter:


VoiceMeeter is extremely advantageous as a virtual audio mixer if you are not going to use a much more professional physical audio mixer. Not only in the audio output, Since it also serves in audio input, it can be used successfully in music production processes. Of course, it may not always be possible to get a professional-level result.

VoiceMeeter also has a VoiceMeeter Banana version. While standard VoiceMeeter offers 1 hardware input, 1 virtual input, 2 hardware outputs VoiceMeeter Banana offers 2 hardware inputs, 2 virtual inputs and 3 hardware outputs. So if you want more channels you can download VoiceMeeter Banana from VB Video official website.

Should I use VoiceMeeter?


The VoiceMeeter application is considered to be much more successful than applications that provide alternative virtual audio mixer services. The biggest advantage is that you can use it for free. Even if you are using an application like VoiceMeeter for the first time because it offers a simple interface, you can quickly grasp the whole thing by navigating around the application.

Of course, using a physical audio mixer will give a much more professional result. However if you don’t need many audio channels, If you don’t have a lot of external equipment and don’t do anything professional enough to wreak havoc, VoiceMeeter is more than enough. Because the physical sound mixer prices are astonishing.

Is VoiceMeeter safe?


The working principle of the VoiceMeeter application is extremely simple. Sound inputs and outputs like a little tool It allows you to manage on your own. In other words, there is no situation to access your personal data. Sure, it may be recording your voice recordings and sending it to evil people living on an island in the middle of the ocean, but so far there have been no reports of such a thing happening.

Let’s take a look at the general user comments It is possible to say VoiceMeeter is a safe application. It is a fact that it leaves users satisfied as well as safe. Of course, let’s remind; You cannot be sure of the reliability of VoiceMeeter installation files that you obtain from sources other than the VB Video official website. For this reason, it is not recommended to download from official sources.

Virtual audio mixer that lets you control individual app sounds What is VoiceMeeter, what is it for, how to use it We answered the curious questions and talked about the details you need to know about the application. If you are using VoiceMeeter, you can share your experience in the comments.

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