WhatsApp Windows Application Officially Released: You Can Message Even If Your Phone Turns Off!


The built-in desktop application developed by WhatsApp for Windows has left the beta version today and is published in the Windows Store as a full version. Your phone no longer needs to be connected to the internet to use the app!

Today, the messaging application WhatsApp, which we can access from our computers as well as our mobile devices, shared an important announcement today. The company made an important update to its built-in application, which it previously released for the Windows operating system. The app is out of beta. Released in full version on Windows Store.

The built-in desktop application of WhatsApp, which was released as a full version, did not come with significant changes in its design compared to the beta version. The application is only in its interface It has a cleaner and simpler look. When we come to the software side, an important innovation welcomes us.

No phone needed for message sync:


Users using the Windows version of WhatsApp can now send messages from the application. they won’t have to keep their phones online. Users will be able to message people in their contacts independently from their phones. In addition, these messages can still be synchronized independently of the phone. Notifications of incoming messages will also appear directly on the computer.

Well, WhatsApp’s desktop application hasn’t been around for a long time, hasn’t it?

Yes, there was, But this application that you installed separately on your computer was not actually an embedded application, that is, directly running on the operating system. Instead, the application appears in a separate window that we install on our computer, like the YouTube and Photos applications, which looks like a separate interface of WhatsApp Web on the desktop. running via internet browser It was the application.

Click here to download the desktop application developed by WhatsApp for Windows.

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