WhatsApp’s Feature That Will Anger Scammers: Link Preview In Statuses

A new feature that WhatsApp is working on for situations has emerged. With the new feature, when a link is added to the statuses, the page to which the link leads will be seen as a preview without clicking anywhere. Thus, fraudsters’ misdirection will be prevented to some extent.

The world’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsAppTurns out he’s working on a new feature. The feature that WABetaInfo discovered revealed that links added to status shares can now be previewed ‘without clicking the link’. Let’s take a look at the innovations that the work will bring into practice.

As a matter of fact, you can already share statuses in the form of links on WhatsApp. However, currently these links are only displayed as text. This situation seems likely to change in the near future. Users will no longer just text-share when they share a link in their status. This link will also offer a preview in a tile. Thus, users will see the website they are going to, regardless of what is written in the link.

This is what WhatsApp’s new status page will look like


Although the link preview feature may seem like a simple visual innovation, it has the potential to undermine the work of scammers in particular. Because most scammers try to trick their victims into their network by redirecting them to site B, which looks like site A. The link preview feature can reduce the incidence of fraud as it allows users to see which website they are going to without clicking the link.

The status feature that WhatsApp is working on will also bring some changes. For example; In stable versions, the color change, emoji or text insertion section at the bottom left of the screen is now in the upper right corner will be. However, a new electorate will come to the vacant part. Users can choose who can see and who doesn’t see the status they share using this option. they will be able to decide. This will make things easier for users.

Whatsapp update

WhatsApp has not made any statements about the features it is working on. However, these studies in a short time is believed to be launched. We will see how effective the features will be with user comments…


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