Why Are Graphics Cards So Big While Processors Are So Small?

The graphics processing units (GPU) of our computers, namely video cards, have started to be produced in gigantic sizes recently. We thought we’d explain, in case you’re wondering why the graphics cards are so big in size.

You may have noticed that NVIDIA’s hardware, which is currently the leader in the graphics card market, is growing day by day. When we switch from the GTX series to the RTX series, the graphics cards are as much as an arm. With the 4000 series, it was a head, so to speak..

Well, have you ever thought why these graphics cards are so big and keep getting bigger with each new series? especially when processors are such a small size? Let’s answer it simply.

As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be fair to compare a ‘video card’ (see we don’t call it a graphics processing unit) to a central processing unit (CPU).

Why Are Graphics Cards So Big While Processors Are So

What would be fair would be to compare the graphics card to the motherboard. The reason for this is that what you call the graphics processing unit is almost interconnected with the central processing unit. same size, sometimes even smaller. However, just as the central processing unit is located on a motherboard, the graphics processing unit is also a stays on the graphics card.

That is, the graphics processing unit (GPU) own motherboard and you can think of it as if you are plugging another motherboard into the motherboard in your case so that it can process the graphics. Ha, ‘why is it getting so big?’ As for the question:

As the graphics processing unit evolves, so does the hardware and cooling it needs.

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The answer is actually that simple. When you take a state-of-the-art graphics card, open it and examine it, most of it you will see it is reserved for cooling. As a matter of fact, not only graphics cards, but also processors are growing at the same rate.

The reason for their growth is that as hardware develops technologically and has more capacity, it contains of transistors (conductors) increase in number. Therefore, the area covered he’s grown.


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So actually the logical central processing unit (CPU) because it is connected to the motherboard It’s bigger than the graphics card.

Do you think the dimensions of the graphics cards are too absurd or are they the way they should be?

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