Why Are There So Many Languages ​​In The Software World? Can’t Everything Be Done With A Few?


Why don’t we use a single software language that will allow us to develop both websites, mobile applications and games in a high quality and comfortable way?

With the developing technology, the way is opened day by day and software Professions revolving around attract the attention of many people, whether interested in software or not, primarily with the high financial returns they offer. In this context all ages We see people who want to learn software.

This is of course a pretty good situation. But when these people, especially those who are not interested in software, step into this field, with many programming languages confronted, and this plunges them into endless confusion. The question that arises in their minds in the face of this landscape is: Why is it that instead of so many software languages, it is the one with the capacity to see everything? One of them don’t we use?

First we’ll explain why there are so many programming languages, and then why we don’t just use one instead:

Software languages

First of all, the main reason for the increase in the number of programming languages need. Technology is developing more and more every day, and in this context, companies need to adapt to it and continue their digital products accordingly. Although we have so many programming languages ​​at our disposal, we may not be able to obtain the necessary tools for a certain job, even in a low-probability scenario.

This pushes us to create new tools to do that job. It basically takes all the languages ​​and the iconic “Hello WorldYou can enter the ” command, albeit in different ways. Just like you can get from one place to another by car, bike, plane and train. But what vehicle you need When it comes to the subject, certain lines are drawn here.

Yes, a bicycle is also a means of transportation. But when you want to make long journeys with your family, you prefer motor vehicles such as cars.

Choosing a software language

More like C++ to work on website javascript or python’s as preferred. C++ can work too, but as we said, it’s like taking a long bike ride with a car. But some people like it and they always use the bike, that is, within the scope of our subject. C++ prefers language. Things get a little personal here.

Now let’s continue with the vehicle example:

Mustang and Tesla

some Ferrari’s speed, some like Tesla’s simplicity and fluidity, some like Mustang’s sound and so on. That’s what makes it personal. If there is a language that is simpler for you or that you enjoy using, you will prefer it, as in the car examples.

For this reason two games We see it developed in different ways. Studios prefer different languages ​​according to the needs of the game they are developing, and at the end of the day, when the different studios that follow these studios follow the paths that suit them, you will see the list of “the most commonly used languages ​​for game development”. But the languages ​​in these lists are for game development. not necessarilyLet’s say that the language to be used changes according to the needs of the game.

The situation we are talking about over games and cars is also when designing a website. mobile application This also applies to other scenarios. If you are developing applications for iOS, you will have separate tools, if you are developing applications for Android, you will have separate tools. They are all purpose-built and that’s why we have so many programming languages. Now 5 year old Let’s go over what we have told with only 2 images in a way that someone can understand.

These are the programming languages ​​we have.

Fork, knife and spoon

  • Fork, knife and spoon are enoughLet me remind you before you say “. There is at least one scenario that requires the function of every single thing on the table.

And this is the software language we want to see everything:

Three-in-one fork, spoon and knife

Unless we have a habit of drinking soup with a fork, no one can go and develop while standing in front of a language that makes their job easier or likes to use as well as they need it. prolonging the process will not use. “Why are we constantly creating new ones instead of improving the ones we have?“If you ask, it’s a question of companies or software developers. about their preferences Let me point out.

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