Windows 11 Didn’t Even Beat Windows XP in Polls: One of the Worst Released Versions

Users still have a lot of hesitations about the latest Windows version, and this survey brought up some very interesting results. According to some survey results, Windows 11 lagged even XP.

In the past days, we announced that many innovations such as remote assistance system, phishing protection, Android application store have come to Windows 11. Although Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest operating system, some surveys show that users are still hesitant to switch to Windows 11.

Despite all the new features coming, Windows 11 especially lagging even Windows XP in corporate workplaces announced. Although this situation is slightly different when looking at the Steam surveys, the vast majority of users still prefer the old versions.

Windows 11 is only used by 1.44% of users

windows 11 survey

Lansweeper examined which operating system users prefer more, with a study on more than 30 million devices. As a result of the surveys, it was seen that only 1.44% of users switched to Windows 11. Windows XP had a rate of 1.71%. This is Microsoft that the latest operating system lags even the 20-year-old Windows XP was showing. Since the survey covers corporate business centers in general, it is thought that computers do not uninstall Windows 11 and therefore are not preferred. However, these are not the only survey results for Windows 11.

Steam polls show similar results, although it didn’t yield as brutal results as Lansweeper’s. According to Steam’s survey results, users can only 16.84% use Windows 11 and the vast majority continue to use older operating systems announced. However, the increase in the number of Windows 11 users in January and February has now almost come to a standstill. In the results of the survey organized by AdDuplex, it was announced that, in the same way as Steam, there was a pause in the transition of users to Windows 11.


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Users cannot switch to Windows 11 due to system requirements and this less attention than previous versions. thought to be the cause. However, whatever the reason, Windows 11 has taken its place among the worst-released operating versions ever.

Worst Windows versions ever released

  1. Windows Millennium
  2. Windows Vista
  3. Windows 8
  4. Windows RT
  5. Windows 11
  6. Windows XP
  7. Windows 1.01

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