Windows iPhone Owners Gather: iCloud Support Coming to Windows 11’s Photos App!

iCloud support is coming to the Photos application used in Windows 10 and 11. Thanks to this update, Apple users will be able to effortlessly transfer their photos to the computer.

There is only one application that almost all Apple users have experienced at least once in their life, which makes them cool from using both iPhone and Windows PC, iCloud. So much so that some users just want to get rid of iCloud’s Windows application. Heading towards Mac computers. However, this is about to change.

In a post on the official blog of Windows, it was stated that the developer version of Windows 11 has iCloud support. With this update, users Effortlessly retrieve photos from iPhone.

The feature has already received many positive reviews.

Windows iPhone Owners Gather iCloud Support Coming to Windows 11s

The photos application used in Windows 10 and 11 was reorganized with the last update in a way that you can see and manage files on OneDrive with one click. With the final developer release of Windows 11, Microsoft It also managed to make Apple users using Windows happy. Thanks to this new feature added to the Photos application, iPhone and iPad users can access the photos application. backed up to iCloud You can easily access your photos and videos.

Of course, at this point, Microsoft does not forget those who do not make backups and keep their photos on their devices. If you download the iCloud application from the Windows Store and log in, as soon as you connect your device to the computer. will be able to see all your photos in folders and you will be able to transfer files from your phone to computer (or vice versa) just by drag and drop.

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Microsoft has been in close cooperation with Apple in recent days and features features that will please users of both sides. to both Windows and MacOS platform It was rumored that they were getting ready. Apparently, this feature coming to the Photos application is one of the first fruits of this collaboration.


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Many Windows users who have tried the feature on the Reddit forums say it’s in the testing phase. this feature works almost perfectly and for iPhone users “photo transfer hassle“It says it’s over. It is stated that the feature will come to those who use the Beta version first and then to the stable version in the coming weeks.

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