With Artificial Intelligence DrawAnyone, you can turn your own photos into works of art!

What is DrawAnyone, an artificial intelligence software that can turn your selfies into works of art? How to use?

Artificial intelligence, which takes more and more place in our lives every day, is now gradually in all fields is starting to attract attention. from mind reading hold on to politics and even to sports predictions Artificial intelligence engineers, who have made great strides in every field, draw attention especially in the field of art.

Introduced at the beginning of this year with its remarkable features, DALL-E 2 drew attention with its creation of magnificent works of art with simple sentences. The software, which was made available to everyone in the past months, is Microsoft’s design application. designerIt was also noted for its use in . But the biggest downside of DALL-E is that users can turn their own photos into these works of art. could not include. The software called DrawAnyone comes to the aid of users at this point.

You can add your face to any artwork you want

With Artificial Intelligence DrawAnyone you can turn your own photos

DrawAnyone is a DALL-E-like “from text to imageA program that works with the ” system. After uploading your photos to the program, all you have to do is wait for a certain time and then you will be able to use your photos to create selfies similar to those produced in DALL-E. The artificial intelligence used in the system uses the photos you uploaded. scanning pixel by pixel transfers your photo to a special database for you. The system then uses artwork and drawings collected from publicly available sources on the Internet, just like DALL-E. turns your photos into works of art.

How to use DrawAnyone?

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artificial intelligence right now only human photos supports. Also, for the system to work properly, you are alone and close-up You have to use your photos. In the photos you upload to the system you should not use sunglasses Don’t forget too.

  • DrawAnyone’Enter the website.
  • Login Click on
  • Create your account with the sms code sent to your phone by entering your phone number in the tab that opens.
  • From her glasses-less and close-up selfies at least 5 at most 10 install it.
  • After uploading the photos you need to wait about 5 hours.
  • After 5 hours, re-enter the system. type the keywords you want and download the resulting photo.


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This artificial intelligence, which is still in its infancy, may pave the way for the use of ultra-realistic effects and filters in applications such as Instagram and Snapchat in the near future.

But has artificial intelligence really become conscious?

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