With iOS 16.2, Special Accessibility Mode will come to iPhones

With iOS 16.2, Special Accessibility Mode will come to iPhones

Introducing iPhone 14 models at the event held in the past weeks, Apple made iOS 16 available for supported phones as of September 12.

The company is now working on iOS 16.2. The update, which was released in beta last week, is expected to arrive on iPhones in mid-December.

A simpler iPhone experience will be offered with iOS 16.2

The “Special Accessibility Mode” feature that will come with iOS 16.2 will provide users with a much simpler iPhone experience.

When this mod is activated, almost the entire standard interface will change and a simpler look will emerge.

This feature, which will facilitate the work of users who have difficulty reading small text, will make the phone simpler.


After activating the feature, users will have simple features such as larger text, huge application icons and unlocking by swiping down.

The mode, which will be activated when the home button or the power button is pressed 3 times in a row, will also offer users various customization options. Users will be able to choose how the interface will look and what functionality it will have.

Alongside the Custom Accessibility Mode, iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 include a few notable changes. Update; It will introduce changes to the Home app, updates to the Weather app, and more.

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