You May Be Impressed: 3 Vulnerabilities Affecting Popular Samsung Phones Detected!

Google’s Project Zero team has announced that there are 3 vulnerabilities affecting some of Samsung’s phones with Exynos processors. These vulnerabilities were giving device control to the hacker.

Working to find zero-day vulnerabilities of the US-based technology giant Google “Project Zero” team made an important statement about Samsung phones. According to the engineers’ statement, Samsung has made a lot of progress in the past years serious security vulnerabilities had been exposed.

According to the research done by the Project Zero team, in Samsung phones, 3 major vulnerabilities These vulnerabilities were used in a chained fashion. By taking advantage of this vulnerability, hackers can first take control of the phones and then leak all the data on the phone and even They could also act on behalf of the user..

3 popular models with Exynos processor were affected by security vulnerabilities!

Samsung critical vulnerability

When we look at the prepared report, it is seen that these security vulnerabilities Exynos We see that it can be exploited in models with processors. Besides Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy A50 and Samsung Galaxy A51 Most popular Samsung phones, such as was impressed.


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Hackers used the usual method!

Statement by Google engineers, vulnerabilities targeting Samsung phones with Exynos processors, via APK files shows used. The hacker, who managed to develop a malicious software and have it installed on the phone with the help of an external source, then had the opportunity to capture all the information on the phone. Experts believe that these vulnerabilities were detected a few months ago. hermit in malware named similar they say they are being abused.

They were closed in March 2021 but…

Vulnerability exploit

In Google’s blog post, the vulnerabilities late 2020 It has been reported to Samsung. Samsung also closed these vulnerabilities in security updates released in March 2021. The codes for the vulnerabilities were announced as CVE-2021-25337, CVE-2021-25369, CVE-2021-25370. However, there is an important mystery here. How many users the vulnerability affects Unknown


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