your Twitter "Mercenary Blue Teak" Application Launched for Everyone: The Penalty of Those Who Get Blue Ticks and Imitate Others Has Been Determined

Twitter’s “money blue tick” period, which was dominated by Elon Musk, was postponed due to the midterm elections in the USA. The postponed ‘blue tick’ has become available to everyone as of today. It has also become clear what will happen to users who have a money-verified account and will impersonate others.

Billionaire businessman Elon Musk, who recently bought the world’s most popular microblogging platform Twitter. from radical decisions one was to change the verified account system. Making a statement on the subject, Musk said that in order for a user to have a verified account, 8 dollars per month He had to ignore the payment.

In the first statements, it was stated that the new period would start in a short time. Even in the past few days started in some countries appeared. Then it was stated that this decision was postponed due to the midterm elections in the USA. In addition, the idea of ​​’gray tick’ was introduced to distinguish official accounts. Just a few hours after Musk made the ‘grey tick’ feature available to official accounts today, announced that he had given up on it.

Such a decision was taken to prevent Twitter from being used in the elections.


According to the claim of The New York Times, the reason why the blue tick wage decision was delayed is because Twitter reluctance to be manipulated. It was stated that Elon Musk and his team took such a decision in order not to create an environment of confusion for political claims that may occur due to the removal of verified accounts. Thus, the period of “money blue tick”, it started today.


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So what happens to accounts that get blue ticks and impersonate someone else?

new era on twitter anyone who has money It means you can have a verified account. In this case, we are faced with a serious problem. Malicious users may try to impersonate another person by paying money. There has been an important development regarding this big problem. leading to policy change The Twitter team also announced what will happen to malicious users.


According to Twitter’s new policy, users can they will be responsible for their profile. When Twitter engineers detect something confusing in profiles, they will request an edit to the profile. Account of the user who did not take action will be suspended. Users will be able to authenticate with official documents such as ID or passport and reactivate their accounts. If Twitter’s moderation team doubts the accuracy of the documents provided, the account will be permanently banned.


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